Welsh Government

The Welsh Government, through its Programme for Government, is working to enhance the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the people and communities of Wales. The aim is to improve quality of life for our own and future generations.

As a nation, Wales is rich in energy resources. The Welsh Government wants to harness those resources to create a more prosperous future for Wales. Although issues such as combating climate change are challenges, they also present opportunities. The Welsh Government wants to lead the change to a sustainable, low carbon economy whilst maximising the long term benefits to Wales at every step of the way. Our report Energy Wales: A Low Carbon Transition sets out how we intend to do this.

The energy and environment sector has been identified as one of importance, and is recognised by the Welsh Government as having an enabling role across the wider economy in Wales. The Welsh Government supports this sector through a number of mechanisms including innovation support for businesses and European initiatives. We have also introduced a ‘Sêr Cymru’ (Stars Wales) in ‘Low Carbon, Energy and Environment’. Building on the ‘Science for Wales’ strategy and initiatives such as the Low Carbon Research Institute, this scheme funds new academic ‘stars’ and a National Research Network.