Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is the government department responsible for implementation of Defence policy and for defending the UK and overseas territories. The MOD also manages the day-to-day running of Britain’s Armed Forces, contingency planning and Defence procurement.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) is the MOD’s property and services provider. It manages the Defence estate, including accommodation for Service personnel and their families, on behalf of the MOD. The Defence estate is worth an estimated £24 billion, and comprises 230,000 ha of land in the UK – some one percent of the country’s landmass. It includes some 67,000 houses worldwide, with 49,000 of those in the UK.

Reduction of greenhouse gases is being addressed through a £105 million three-year investment programme of energy efficiency measures. This ‘spend-to-save’ programme sees increasing involvement of contractors responsible for management of the estate and its facilities, as well as the continued involvement of Military and Civil Service personnel. The estate also has a small element of renewable energy from on-site systems, but over 80 per cent of its electricity demand is now supplied from renewable or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation provided through electricity suppliers.