Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) is responsible for determining overall transport strategy for the Government and managing relationships with the Agencies responsible for maintaining the transport network. The Department provides leadership across the transport sector to achieve its objectives, working with regional, local and private sector partners to deliver many of the services required by the travelling public. It works closely with the Technology Strategy Board on innovative low-carbon transport projects and through the Office for Low Emission Vehicles supporting measures designed to promote uptake of the next-generation of ultra-low emission vehicle technologies.

Our vision is for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth, but one that is also greener and safer and improves quality of life in our communities. We are working towards the Climate Change Act (2008) target of cutting overall UK carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by at least 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 from 1990 levels. Transport specific targets include reducing average new car emissions from 144gCO2/km today to between 50 and 70g CO2/km in 2030, on the path to decarbonising road transport by 2050 and introducing further rail electrification. In the period up to March 2015 over 400 million is being provided by DfT to support measures designed to promote uptake of the next-generation of ultra-low emission vehicle technologies and over 540 million for around 100 Local Sustainable Transport Fund schemes designed to support economic growth and carbon reduction.

The Department promotes initiatives that can reduce congestion, improve local environments and encourage healthier and safer lifestyles. It commissions specific evidence gathering and feasibility studies which may lead to small scale pilots and/or demonstration of proven technologies up to pre-commercial deployment. An example is the current support for the introduction of electric and other ultra-low emission cars, vans and buses.