The Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group (LCICG) brings together the major public sector backed organisations that are supporting low carbon innovation in the UK. The group aims to maximise the impact of UK public sector funding for low carbon technology, in order to:

  • Deliver affordable, secure, low carbon energy for the UK
  • Deliver UK economic growth
  • Develop the UKís capabilities, knowledge and skills

Working across diverse technologies and by pooling expertise, the LCICG seeks to coordinate public sector support, improve communication and build a shared evidence base within low carbon innovation. The group meets regularly and its current work programme is described in Working together.

Members are bodies that use significant public funds to support innovation of low carbon technology. The members are divided into Core members and Associate members.

Core members are organisations that support a range of low carbon technologies. These members are actively involved in shaping and delivering all the groupís activities.

Associate members are organisations that support a more specific set of low carbon technologies and/or have smaller budgets than Core members to support technology development. These members can choose which of the groupís activities to be involved in delivering. 

Information about current funding opportunities from LCICG members can be found on their own websites or on the Low Carbon Funding Landscape Navigator: www.lowcarbonfunding.org.uk.